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7 September 2010

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Winter Wind
13 December 2009

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Best of the Bunch
5 December 2009

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24 September 2009

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7 September 2009

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7 May 2009

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2 May 2009

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Looking Back
15 March 2009

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Cathedral Ruins
12 March 2009

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Shining Through
24 January 2009

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8 January 2009

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Happy New Year
1 January 2009

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Self Portrait in Shadows
29 October 2008

Recent Comments

Craig on Cygnets
A fine photo! Love the repetition!

Saeed Rasoulof on Cygnets
One of Aminus3 artists (Mehdi Rasoulof who was my cousin), has died in a car accident... Write your comment about his ...

Ronnie 2¢ on Cygnets
Owing to a mishap with foxes, we did not get to see cygnets this year. Thank you for compensating for some of the loss.

Ronnie 2¢ on Ugly Ducklings???
I always think of that story when 'meeting' these . . wonderful to watch them develop into something ...

Scene by Sharon Photography on Looking Out My Back Door
WOW !!!

Stefanie on Birthday Boy
Nice portrait! He is really cute!

Hamidreza on Birthday Boy
nice portrait good job happy BD

Ronnie 2¢ on Birthday Boy
Lovely characterful portrait. He sure looks like he has some plans ! Watch out !

k@ on Birthday Boy
How cute, he's like a peach, superb portrait and h@ppy 9 great boy*

Priscilla on This way????
A great photo!

Priscilla on Lou @ 4-1/2 months

Scene by Sharon Photography on Lou @ 4-1/2 months
Lou is ADORABLE!!!

B. Thomas on Chihuly
Beautiful series. Love the colors and designs.

DowsherVision on Chihuly
These pictures are wonderful, very luminous and colorful. Beautiful.

Shaahin Bahremand on Chihuly
superb :) great colors

MARIANA on Chihuly
very creative image .

Scene by Sharon Photography on Chihuly
This is a wonderful series - so alive with colour!

Vert Pomme on Chihuly
J'adore très graphique et coloré.

Sill Scaroni on Chihuly
Fantastic shot, greast colors.

Ronnie 2¢ on Chihuly
wow . . this one has a lovely intensity and depth to it . . feels like a journey thru the work.

Curly on Chihuly
No idea what this is but the colours are alive!

Ronnie 2¢ on Chihuly
An amazing creation . . makes me feel it is alive !

DIMITRIOS on Chihuly
very good*

Sarito on Chihuly
Wonderful shot, lovely colours.

Stephen Phillips on Chihuly
A great play of light and glass. A feast for the eyes.

Ronnie 2¢ on Chihuly
Excellent result again . . as I think I mentioned, I find his work often difficult to photograph.

Elsabe on Chihuly
Spectacular colours !!!

Marie LC on Chihuly
The most beautiful of your serie. Fantastic colors and light

Stefanie on Chihuly
Wonderful colours and light!

Ralph Jones on Chihuly
Nice luminosity.

klausZ on Chihuly
an expressive compo with lines, structures and strong colors!

Ralph Jones on Chihuly
Amazing glass.

Craig on Chihuly
There is a lot going on here! Most of all I like the light! Note: If your heart is really into traveling the globe ...

Marie LC on Chihuly
Wonderful ! a great great shot

Marie LC on Chihuly
Superb !

Marie LC on Chihuly
Superb ! I like glass of Chihuly

yvan on Chihuly
Wow, what a nice shot, congratulations!

Manuel Hompanera on Chihuly
Una imagen muy interesante con una compo bien cuidada.saludos.

klausZ on Chihuly
brilliant compo with very impressive expression!

Ralph Jones on Chihuly
Like a psychedelic sixties flashback.

Craig on Chihuly
Interesting combination of line, shape, and value! Well done!

Ronnie 2¢ on Chihuly
You really are extracting more from these exhibits than most of us would find. As I think I said before, the work is ...

Ralph Jones on Chihuly
Excellent color.

Ralph Jones on Chihuly

Josh on Chihuly
So surreal, very cool.

Ronnie 2¢ on Chihuly
What fascinating detail gets put into these works - and the lighting here is sure designed to make the most of it.

Ronnie 2¢ on Chihuly
This really is remarkable work - you done well capturing so much of the thrill of it here.

Curly on Chihuly
Beautiful light and rich colours, this has a very painterly look which appeals to me a lot.

Marie LC on Chihuly
I saw the same type of boat with glass-making of Chihuly in the botanical garden of New York. Nice capture !

Rachel on Chihuly
I too could be happy traveling the globe with camera in hand :) Not even sure what this photo is taken of, but I love ...

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