About willow

Photography has been a lifelong love of mine. As a child I learned how to use my camera long before I learned how to ride a bike. This might explain why I still fall off my bike regularly, but I never drop my camera!

Although I tend to gravitate towards nature and animals (including my kids), I'm not particular about what I will photograph. I will shoot just about anything. I love the challenge of seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. I haven't done much in black and white because I am in love with big, vibrant colors, but I would like to learn how to make a great B&W photo as well.

My passion for photography stems from the way I experience the world when I am in the middle of searching for the "perfect shot". When I am looking at life through my camera lens all judgment falls away and I am able to truly see my subject for what it is. Of the thousands of photographs that I have taken I have chosen to display here the few that I feel really capture and express the truth of that moment and subject. Some of them shout their message while others are quieter, more subtle.

I do this because I love it and I am always looking for ways to improve so I welcome constructive feedback. Thank you for looking!


Photography Equipment

Currently I use a Canon 30D, but I plan to display some of my favorite older photos. These were taken with various older Canon cameras (EOS Elan IIE, AE-1, Powershot S50, even an "ancient" AE-1).

I recently bought a new toy - a Canon L-series 100-400mm zoom - and I love it! I also use a Sigma 18-200mm and Canon 60mm macro and once in awhile my old 10-300mm Canon zoom.